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Slightly Increased 2012 Antarctic Sea Ice Levels No Match for Arctic Declines

The year’s increased Antarctic sea ice levels cannot be seen as undercutting the long-term record decline in Arctic sea ice and the global sea ice decline generally.


Entering a 'New Climate State'?

Loss of Arctic Sea Ice … and of a ‘Giant Parasol’

A newly posted Yale Forum video explores the summer of 2012 record-low Arctic sea ice coverage and provides strong visuals showing the loss of older ice coverage.


‘Hurricane’ Schwartz’s Blog Post: Record Arctic Ice Melt & You

Philadelphia NBC10 Meteorologist Glenn ‘Hurricane’ Schwartz, probably the city’s most prominent TV weathercaster, explains his views on ‘shocking’ Arctic ice melt.


The Arctic: No Las Vegas … What Happens There Does NOT Stay There

A NOAA-sponsored ‘Climate Connection’ webinar proves an effective communication tool, as a National Sea and Ice Data Center scientist puts meat on the bones — and provides quantitative measures — of 2012′s record-low Arctic sea ice extent.


Is Global Warming to Blame for this Summer’s Extreme Heat and Drought?

It’s a great question. It’s simple, compelling, and it makes for good headlines. That’s why so many people are talking about it. But it’s the wrong question. Reposted with permission.


Meteorologists’ Statement Reflects ‘Vast Weight’ of Evidence

Meteorologists’ new statement reaffirms scientific ‘consensus,’ runs counter to widespread views of meteorologists as disproportionately ‘skeptical.’


Mormon Silence on Climate Change: Why, and What Might It Mean?

Scattered voices of climate concern among members of the Mormon Church can’t drown-out the veritable cone of silence from the church itself on environmental issues. But stereotyping any such large group overlooks important nuances.


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