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‘False Balance’ in Some Coverage of Carolina Sea-Level Controversy

When lawmakers considered a bill to effectively outlaw sea-level science, some news outlets adopted the ‘he said, she said’ model of reporting on scientific controversy.

READ MORE Website: Scientists in the Field

A new Web-based service seeks to convey images of scientists in the field … in effect, the making of climate science so seldom seen by those not personally involved in the effort.


Preachable Moments: Evangelical Christians and Climate Change

Climate change has caused rifts among evangelical Christians, who are sharply divided on the topic. But more evangelicals now are examining a Christian response to the threat posed by a warming atmosphere.


Along Atlantic and Pacific Coasts

National Academy, USGS See Above Normal U.S. Sea Level Rises

Coasts and properties along the U.S.’s heavily populated and developed Atlantic and Pacific coasts could be in for further sea level rise increases beyond the global average over the next century.


The Charcoal Challenges: Fire and Climate Dynamics

Is reducing carbon concentrations in the atmosphere inconsistent with curbing wildfires? It’s among the conundrums and riddles explored at The Conversation and reposted here with permission.


Revisiting National Academy’s ‘Sackler Colloquium’ (Part I)

A recent National Academy of Sciences ‘Science of Science Communications’ conference offers a full plate of considerations for serious climate communications aficionados to evaluate down the road.


Like Clockwork ...

Wildfires Return … but With or Without Climate Change Component?

Increasing wildfires across the country raise questions of how the media can best make connections to climate change and do so in ways consistent with the best scientific understanding.


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