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New Thinking About Climate Sensitivity

While climate models struggle to include ever more parts of the climate system, ideas based on simpler models are providing insights into the long-term evolution of climate.


Tracking Snowpack in a Warming World

NASA’s new airborne observatory gives unprecedented view of melting Sierra snow. New data may help transform how scientists think about snowpack and how a warming climate is changing it.


Urges Scientists to Speak Out More Loudly

Snowe to AGU about Congress: ‘That Was Then, and This is Now’

Former bipartisan Senator offers AGU scientists reasons for optimism on working with Congress … but also points to stiff obstacles needing to be overcome.


Advice to Scientists: More Effort on Communications Needed

A Canadian professor says he hopes to soon see a time when climate science researchers and academics up their ante on communications … even if it must come at the expense of ongoing research.


From Bowels of AGU Fall Conference, Vital Poster Sessions Offer Riches

Too often overlooked and under-appreciated amidst the hundreds of formal high-visibility papers and sessions, the posters offered by scientists worldwide provide a uniquely useful and interesting perspective.


First 2013 Airborne Poster Tube Spotting: 5:45 AM Eastern

It’s ‘AGU Week,’ so the first of a series of onsite posts from the annual fall conference written by several regular contributors to The Yale Forum.


Ecological and Economic Impacts a Concern

Some Good News (and Plenty of Bad) in NRC Abrupt Climate Change Report

Abrupt climate change — and also associated abrupt ecological and economic impacts sometimes triggered by more gradual climate change — gets a renewed look from a National Research Council science panel, which recommends development of an ‘early warning system.’


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