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Advice to Scientists: More Effort on Communications Needed

A Canadian professor says he hopes to soon see a time when climate science researchers and academics up their ante on communications … even if it must come at the expense of ongoing research.


From Bowels of AGU Fall Conference, Vital Poster Sessions Offer Riches

Too often overlooked and under-appreciated amidst the hundreds of formal high-visibility papers and sessions, the posters offered by scientists worldwide provide a uniquely useful and interesting perspective.


First 2013 Airborne Poster Tube Spotting: 5:45 AM Eastern

It’s ‘AGU Week,’ so the first of a series of onsite posts from the annual fall conference written by several regular contributors to The Yale Forum.


Ecological and Economic Impacts a Concern

Some Good News (and Plenty of Bad) in NRC Abrupt Climate Change Report

Abrupt climate change — and also associated abrupt ecological and economic impacts sometimes triggered by more gradual climate change — gets a renewed look from a National Research Council science panel, which recommends development of an ‘early warning system.’


Scientists’ Concerns Challenge Conservative Sea-Level Rise Projections

This month’s Yale Forum ‘This Is Not Cool’ video explores scientific research raising questions about whether projections of sea-level rise in a warmer climate have been overly conservative.


Hansen: 2 Degree C Goal for Global Warming ‘Disastrous’

Scientist Jim Hansen and a stream of co-authors throw the kibosh on the generally accepted view that a 2 degree C (3.6O F) warming would leave the world in good shape. They point to inevitable feedbacks and urge strong and [...]


Super Typhoon Haiyan: A Hint of What’s to Come?

Climate Central’s respected climate and weather writer and analyst Andrew Freedman dissects the ins and outs of the Philippines’ devastating Super Typhoon Haiyan and looks to what the future may hold. Reposted with permission.


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