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Ecological and Economic Impacts a Concern

Some Good News (and Plenty of Bad) in NRC Abrupt Climate Change Report

Abrupt climate change — and also associated abrupt ecological and economic impacts sometimes triggered by more gradual climate change — gets a renewed look from a National Research Council science panel, which recommends development of an ‘early warning system.’


Scientists’ Concerns Challenge Conservative Sea-Level Rise Projections

This month’s Yale Forum ‘This Is Not Cool’ video explores scientific research raising questions about whether projections of sea-level rise in a warmer climate have been overly conservative.


Hansen: 2 Degree C Goal for Global Warming ‘Disastrous’

Scientist Jim Hansen and a stream of co-authors throw the kibosh on the generally accepted view that a 2 degree C (3.6O F) warming would leave the world in good shape. They point to inevitable feedbacks and urge strong and [...]


Super Typhoon Haiyan: A Hint of What’s to Come?

Climate Central’s respected climate and weather writer and analyst Andrew Freedman dissects the ins and outs of the Philippines’ devastating Super Typhoon Haiyan and looks to what the future may hold. Reposted with permission.


Rethinking the ‘Slow-Down’: New Work Revises Warming Estimates Upward

New research reflects data from previously unmeasured Arctic, Antarctic, and central Africa areas, refuting recent thinking on a purported recent slow-down in warming and increasing estimates of rising temperatures globally.


State Narrows Scope of Study Based on 'Cyclical' Language

Scientists Forsake a Nebraska Climate Study Mum on Human Influences

A proposed $44,000 state-funded study of climate impacts in Nebraska precludes consideration of humans’ role, so University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientists shun the approach and plan their own independent study.


Feeding 9 Billion on a Hot and Hungry Planet

Concerns over feeding a growing global population are not new. But what is new is the challenge of feeding a population of 9 billion on a planet with a markedly warmer climate. Agriculture: both part of the problem and part [...]


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