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Southwestern U.S. TV Mets Attend Full-Day Weather/Climate Workshop

A visit to the University of Arizona’s famed tree-ring research lab caps a climate/weather workshop for southwestern U.S. TV meteorologists.


‘Vertical Human Fingerprint’ Found in Stratospheric Cooling, Tropospheric Warming

Newly published research in ’PNAS’ identifies what authors call a ‘vertical human fingerprint’ in satellite-based estimates of atmospheric temperature changes, adding still more to confidence levels about human influences in warming.


Background Readings in Advance of Release of the IPCC AR5 Reports

The Yale Forum here points to several of its postings written to improve understanding of the wealth of climate data that will begin to emerge later this week from the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report.


SCC — Social Costs of Carbon: A Continuing Little-Told Story

While the limelight continues to focus on more headline-friendly issues like the upcoming IPCC ‘AR 5′ reports, an intriguing, but wonkish, story continues to play out on social cost of carbon cost/benefit analyses.


Examining the Recent Slow-Down in Global Warming

With upcoming release of IPCC Fifth Assessment Reports beginning late in September, there will be a sharp focus on specific issues like projected sea-level rise but also on broader issues like climate sensitivity and the decade-and-a-half-long slow-down in the rate [...]


New Yale Forum Video Examines Key Point: ‘Global’ Includes Oceans Too

Slow-down in global surface temperature increases and flawed emphasis on land surface temperatures, at expense of ocean temperatures, explored in ‘This is Not Cool’ video. They call it ‘global’ warming for a reason.


Climate Protagonists Together ... but not Face-to-Face

Judith Curry and Kevin Trenberth: Equal Time on NPR

Hours of taped interviewing lead to two eight-minute segments on NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’ exploring the contrasting views of two prominent climate scientists.


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