Profile of The Weather Channel’s Heidi Cullen

One quick look at her resume alerts you that Heidi Cullen isn’t your “normal” journalist who took college courses, let’s be honest here, in large part to avoid dicey courses dealing with things like statistics, coefficients, and math generally.

Cullen, in fact, is perhaps even more comfortable with issues involving engineering and paleoclimatology than she is with journalism’s venerable, if aged, “5 Ws” and inverted pyramid.


Newsweek’s ‘Hoax’ Cover Story Raises Ire of Deniers, … and also Criticism from Within

“Hoax” is a potent accusation, a four-letter grenade of a word.

In the public discussion of anthropogenic climate change, prominent conservatives such as Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) and radio commentator Rush Limbaugh have used it to convey profound suspicion about the motives of those who say manmade global warming is happening and worthy of action.


Tamino’s ‘Open Mind’

“Saying something brilliant simply.”

The phrase comes from former WNET-TV/Nature documentary film producer and writer Gianna Savoie, now a freelance documentary producer.

It’s a rare gift to express complex scientific concepts in simple terms. Perhaps more than any other prominent climate blogger, the pseudonymous Tamino delves into many of the day’s common climate change sophisms – rather, make that plausible but fallacious arguments – and explains their flaws through clear language and well-designed graphs.


Feeding on the Beast of Climate Change: Science, Impacts, ‘Solutions’ Focus of SEJ Convention

Climate change issues were front-and-center at the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) 17th annual conference at Stanford University September 5-9.


Editor and Publisher Columnist Outing: Sack ‘Objectivity’ in Climate Change Reporting

A long-time columnist for Editor and Publisher, a standard in the newspaper industry for those it’s named after, has raised a fuss with a provocative column urging newspapers to “abandon their old way of doing things” – specifically “balance” – when it comes to reporting on global climate change.

Given “overwhelming” scientific evidence that humans are contributing to global warming, columnist Steve Outing accused newspaper editors of “shirking their responsibility to improve our world.”


Giving Objectivity A Bad Name

Two really smart critics have cited the journalistic tradition of objectivity as the reason mainstream media have missed or underplayed some big stories.

Steve Outing, writing in Editor & Publisher, says objectivity has gotten in the way of informing the public about the real dangers of climate change. Giving the global warming deniers the same credibility as scientists trying to sound the alarm is misleading and unfair, he argues.


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