Arctic Sea Ice: A Single Season Does Not a Significant Trend Make

On June 27, The Independent in London ran a story that read “Exclusive: No Ice at the North Pole.”

The headline was off on two counts: there was nothing exclusive about the story, and it’s premature to say the North Pole is ice-free.

Andrew C. Revkin, in his DotEarth blog for The New York Times, reported as much when he posted a piece later in the day about what’s going on with Arctic sea ice, who’s tracking the changes and how the media are covering it.


Common Climate Misconceptions

Why Reducing Sulfate Aerosol Emissions Complicates Efforts to Moderate Climate Change

With all the attention surrounding carbon dioxide these days, it is easy to forget that there are a number of other important natural and human-driven factors (“forcings” in climate circles) that influence Earth’s climate.


Stanford’s Steve Schneider, Dave Matthews Band, Citizen Cope at Michigan July Festival/’Think Tank’

It’s not often that Stanford climatologist Stephen H. Schneider shares the limelight with the Dave Matthews Band (which has sold more than 30 million albums over the past 12 years), hip-hop rapper, producer, and actor Snoop Dogg, and recording artist and musical poet Citizen Cope.


Covering Ocean Acidification: Chemistry and Considerations

Changing ocean chemistry threatens the survival of marine life as much as warming temperatures. Understanding the basic chemistry of ocean acidification and the relevant consequences for people and wildlife are keys to effective journalism on an issue of growing importance and interest to media audiences.


Why Are So Many TV Meteorologists and Weathercasters Climate ‘Skeptics’?

On Air Photo

All three staff meteorologists at KLTV, the ABC affiliate broadcasting to the Tyler-Longview-Jacksonville area of Northeast Texas, joined forces last November to deliver an on-air rebuttal of the idea that humans are changing the earth’s climate.


A Decade of Cooling in the Works? Nature Article Prompts ‘Wanna Bet?’ Wager

May Day brought a climate blindside of sorts this year, and it didn’t come in the form of a freak snowstorm in the tropics.

On that day, a peer-reviewed study in the esteemed journal Nature predicted a temporary cooling of global temperatures for the next decade or so.


ABC News Soliciting 1- to 3-Minute Videos For September ‘Earth 2100′ Prime-Time Special

ABC News is planning a two-hour special this coming September depicting how top scientists, economists, and historians see the world in the year 2100.

“Experts say that unless we act now, the ‘perfect storm’ of population growth, resource depletion, and climate change could destabilize the world with catastrophic results,” says ABC News’ Earth 2100 website (emphasis in original).


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