Richard Alley, Susi Moser Featured in Yale Forum Communications Webinar

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The second in the ongoing new ’30onClimate’ webinar series covers a wide range of issues from the differing, but complementary, perspectives of two leading voices on science communications.


Climate Change as an Olympics issue Sochi … But no ‘Game’

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Yale graduate students attending the Winter Olympics next month in Sochi, Russia, hope to shine the world’s attention on climate change and its global impacts.


For Connecticut Coastal Planners, ‘New Normal’ Means More Flooding

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City planners in one coastal community after another are beginning to find the terms ‘flood’ and ‘normal’ more often paired in a single sentence.


From Social Change to Climate Change: Lessons from the 1960s?

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The transformative events of the turbulent nineteen-sixties may offer lessons for the climate challenges of the 21st Century.


An Emerging Influential Voice on Climate: Citizens Climate Lobby

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A seven-year-old upstart nonprofit is making a mark in climate dialog circles in part by using a model successful in addressing global poverty concerns.


Live TV: Weather? Global Warming? Climate Change?

‘Polar Vortex’ Top Story for TV Programs … and Grist for New Yale Forum Video

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Blanket 24/7 media coverage of the short but frigid ‘Polar Vortex’ temperatures — climate change? global warming? — provides a cornucopia of material for this month’s ‘This is Not Cool’ video.


Communicating Climate Risks in a Challenging Political Climate

Increasing Risks + Declining Trust = More Risk?

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Communicating risks posed by climate change is difficult in the best of times, and these are far from that, say risk analysis experts.


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