Nationwide Climate ‘Preach-In’ To Target Broad Faith-Group Congregations

An upcoming national climate change ‘Preach-In’ is part of a series of climate communications activities aimed at informing and enlisting involvement of faith groups and individual congregations in addressing climate change.


Wetter Climate To Worsen Chesapeake Bay Dead Zone


The backbone of the heavily populated mid-Atlantic and its fishing and tourism industries faces ‘dead zone’ challenges that will only be exacerbated by the warmer and wetter climate scientists foresee.


The Climate Extremes

Can the public discourse snap out of its own negative feedback loop?


JPL’s Josh Willis Looks Ahead to Continuing Sea Level Rise

In the first of a new series, Jet Propulsion Lab climate scientist Josh Willis provides context for 2011′s small decline in sea level rise. Bottom line: Drop not long-lived, and further sea level rise inevitable. See the video.


Sea Level Rise, One More Frontier For Climate Dialogue Controversy

Residents and civic officials from Delaware to San Francisco and from Galveston to North Carolina’s Outer Banks are learning as they go on preparing for sea level rise risks that some of their residents fundamentally doubt. Part I of a Two-Part Feature.


WSJ ‘No Need to Panic’ Op-ed Prompts Heated Exchanges, Leading to Long-Awaited ‘Last Word’ (Not really of course)

Point. Counter-point. Point. Counter-point. Check … and Check Mate. And, alas … the ‘last word’ on gulf dividing climate scientists and their critics. (If only)


Adapting to the New Media Climate for Climate Change

E&E: Covering Climate Change in the Age of Digital Media

Amidst a shrinking ‘news hole’ for science news coverage by mainstream media, this Special Report explores how a still-upstart digital publisher finds itself among the top producers in the climate reporting niche. A successful business model perhaps. But can it offset the loss of ’public’ coverage for the population at large?


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