The Long Road Toward Climate Literacy

Learning the ABCs of climate change requires more than the right science, educators at the AGU meeting in San Francisco say. New teaching methods, better understanding of science are also needed.


It’s AGU Week. So What? (You May Ask)

Thousands gather this week in San Francisco for the American Geophysical Union’s annual meeting. This week’s posts will focus on developments at the meeting.


Language Heating Up as Planet Continues to ...

Four New Sobering Reports: Serious Warnings on Warming Planet

First came independent reports from respected global banking, energy, and national security perspectives … and then came a new study in Science by 47 international researchers cautioning about faster losses of land-based ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica over the past two decades.


Emerging Force on Climate Change: Religion, Ecology, Ethics, and Morality

Scholars in the 1990s played a hunch and gave rise to a new field of ecology and religion, some focusing on climate change as a moral issue.

Ten Great Climate Apps

Of the thousands and thousands of apps now available for various mobile devices, a manageable number stand out as excellent examples addressing climate change issues.


A Climate Ethicist's Perspective

Donald Brown on Climate and Ethics Moving Forward

Ethical issues and concerns for social justice lie at the heart of the climate change issue, argues an academic who has focused on climate ethics, and he says the media share responsibility for not adequately connecting the dots. 


Newest Yale Forum Video: A ‘Play-by-Play’ on Sandy with Kerry Emanuel

MIT atmospheric science professor Kerry Emanuel offers a concise “play-by-play” as Superstorm Sandy forms and heads for the New Jersey shoreline in the latest Yale Forum video produced by independent film maker Peter Sinclair.


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