Physicist Muller’s Big-Time Conversion: Was It News … or Just Slick P.R.?

‘BEST’ is the acronym physicist Richard Muller has given to his widely publicized research efforts on surface temperatures. But his and protagonist Anthony Watts’ latest campaigns seem more of the ‘best’ of public relations than of the best of science. And what about science journalism?


Mormon Silence on Climate Change: Why, and What Might It Mean?

Scattered voices of climate concern among members of the Mormon Church can’t drown-out the veritable cone of silence from the church itself on environmental issues. But stereotyping any such large group overlooks important nuances.


$2.99 TED E-Books Delves into 'Deep Water'

For Writer Dan Grossman: Medium IS Message, and Message is on Sea Level

A respected journalist accompanies a highly regarded climatologist for Australia sea-level rise field work, and their story is shared via an innovative digital e-books app.


A 2012 Look Back at Climate Writings from the Early 40s and 50s

From the perspective of the second decade of this 21st Century, the climate literature of the pre- and post-World War II periods provides valuable historical insights: Not the least of which is that climate by then was already finding its way into popular literature.


‘This Is Not Cool’ Video: Focus on 2012 Weather Extremes

A basketball metaphor illustrating changing stats pairs with analyses from a range of experts and independent commentaries in a Yale Forum video capturing the stresses of the summer’s weather anomalies across the U.S.


‘CSZ’ — A Key Factor for Pacific Northwest Sea-Level Rise

‘Cascadia Subduction Zone’ — or CSZ — may just be sufficiently important to warrant its own unique three-letter acronym. For people and resources along the Pacific Northwest coast, it some day will likely make a big difference to their relative sea-level rise. 


A Climate Scientist's First-Hand Experiences

Reddit as a Science Outreach Tool

Tony Barnston, a climate scientist at Columbia University’s International Research Institute for Climate and Society, engages with the broad public through Reddit, a social news site. ‘I would like to do another,’ he says.


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