Like Clockwork ...

Wildfires Return … but With or Without Climate Change Component?

Increasing wildfires across the country raise questions of how the media can best make connections to climate change and do so in ways consistent with the best scientific understanding.


Armed With Maps and Photos, Local Planners Talk Sea Level Rise

Coastal communities across the country are moving forward with advance efforts addressing sea level rise. In the process, they’re honing their climate communications skills … sometimes without bringing up the ‘dreaded’ climate change term.


Nature Conservancy Scientist Named CBS News Contributor

A U. of Montana research scientist and Nature Conservancy senior scientist adds to his portfolio as Science and Environmental Contributor for CBS News.


A Scientist's Perspective

On Blogging, Comments … and Online Civil Discourse

A Minnesota engineering professor takes aim at what he considers vacuous arguments and what constitutes proper handling of a series of online comments and jags going beyond the point of fair and serious commentary and analysis.*


Margaret Thatcher, Others: Neither ‘Murderers, Tyrants, nor Madmen’

Peter Sinclair’s monthly Yale Forum video uses historical footage to debunk an assertion that the most well-known climate change ‘advocates’ are … ‘murderers, tyrants, and madmen.’


How Long Will Global Warming Remain Center Stage?

Climate change is here to stay. But will media attention drift away?


On Engaging with Climate 'Skeptics'

Changing the Cultural Climate … on Climate Culture

A respected climate scientist, in the aftermath of an ‘ugly’ billboard posting campaign, reflects on the merits of … and need for … continued efforts to engage climate ‘skeptics’ in order to seek-out approaches to what he labels ‘one of the great themes of human history in the Third Millennium.’


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