Can Journalists Better Capture the Nuances of Climate Science?

Deadline reporting on new climate research is fraught with institutional challenges.


In Fool Me Twice, Shawn Lawrence Otto Delivers Valuable Back Stories

The individual behind the 2008 presidential campaign ‘Science Debate’ initiative tells where we are with research science in the current political atmosphere. But more importantly, he also tells how we’ve gotten to where we are, and where we may be going from here.


Guest Commentary

Communications Challenges Coming From Durban

A key climate action advocate points to four key communications points she thinks critical coming out of the upcoming Durban UN Framework Convention meeting.


Climate Standoff with No End in Sight

On the eve of the latest round of UN-led climate talks in Durban, there is scuttlebutt that no real agreement is possible before 2020.


Does the Climate Movement Need a ‘Shock Doctrine’?

Naomi Klein, writing in The Nation, pens a sweeping manifesto for action that is sure to shake up the climate debate — for better or worse.


Next in Line ... Aggressive Implementation?

Communications, Decision Support Seen Key In Government’s Research Plan

Strong words put forth for communications as part of strategic plan for Global Change Research Program. Still To Be Determined: Will actions match the words?


Preaching FROM the Choir: A Review of ‘Water Is Rising’

Water is Rising, now touring the Northeast, is one of a number of this year’s theater productions bringing climate change to the stage. This one’s different in that indigenous musical troupes don’t act … but rather use song and dance to highlight real challenges of rising sea levels, salt water intrusion, and changing precipitation patterns.


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