Next in Line ... Aggressive Implementation?

Communications, Decision Support Seen Key In Government’s Research Plan

Strong words put forth for communications as part of strategic plan for Global Change Research Program. Still To Be Determined: Will actions match the words?


Preaching FROM the Choir: A Review of ‘Water Is Rising’

Water is Rising, now touring the Northeast, is one of a number of this year’s theater productions bringing climate change to the stage. This one’s different in that indigenous musical troupes don’t act … but rather use song and dance to highlight real challenges of rising sea levels, salt water intrusion, and changing precipitation patterns.


Climate Doomsday Clock Winding Down

Time is running out to avert ‘dangerous’ climate change, says the IEA. But are deadlines and temperature targets too arbitrary?


Might Global Warming Heat Up the 2012 Presidential Campaign?

Imagine this: Climate change might actually become an election year issue to reckon with.


2012 GOP Candidates Demonstrate Dramatic Political Shift on Climate

Republican candidates for the 2012 presidential nomination overwhelmingly agree in rejecting evidence that Earth is warming and that humans are substantially responsible. But just three years ago, both major party presidential candidates were pledging to cut greenhouse emissions. What’s changed?


GOP Candidates' Climate Views Challenged

Media ‘Fact-Checkers,’ Home State Papers Give Candidates Thumbs-Down

National news media ‘fact-checking’ operations and candidates’ own home state dailies are generally faulting GOP presidential candidates’ climate views, saying they are inconsistent with scientific evidence.


Unprecedented Jump in Carbon Dioxide Output: Alarming News … but not a Shocking Surprise

A record-breaking build-up of greenhouse gases is reported on eve of latest international climate treaty negotiations. Forecast calls for lots of empty talk, as usual.


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