In Search of a New Eco-Narrative

More time will have to pass — and more minds will have to change — but the ‘new narrative’ on environmentalism supported by some may be establishing an early foothold.  It remains uncertain whether a pro-technology/pro-economic growth approach can gain more traction.


Making Funny with Climate Change

Comedy may be able to make inroads with audiences in ways that ‘serious journalism’ often cannot. With an issue as serious as climate science suggests, communicators should not shy from taking the risks of injecting humor as appropriate.


Putting Candidates and Others on the Spot

An open dialogue built on mutual trust may provide the best way to jump-start the ongoing serious dialogue climate change demands from those who would lead our country. The campaign season makes such a dialogue timely … and urgent.


A Key: Avoiding Journalistic Compromises?

NSF and NBCLearn Blaze New Path On Collaborative Science Journalism

A new funding partnership between NSF and an NBC affiliate promises more informed coverage of climate science. But questions arise about implications for journalistic independence and integrity.


A First-Person Account ...

Coal: A Love Story, Not A Gimmick

A 12-person student team addresses coal not as an energy story, but rather as a story of how our modern lives depend on an old energy source. One challenge: personalizing the story to help show how coal ‘lets us live.’


Beware of Eco-Metaphors That Overstay Their Welcome

Can allegiance to outdated environmental metaphors unwittingly contribute to undue politicization of the issues? Is Easter Island an apt metaphor for the ‘whole Earth’?


Having A More Nuanced Climate Conversation

As a ‘wicked’ problem posing complex challenges on multiple levels, climate change demands a sophisticated, but perhaps impossibly elusive, dialog among diverse interests.


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