The Forest for the Trees? Covering Western Tree Deaths

On January 22 and 23, major new outlets reported on a study of tree death in the American West, a sobering analysis of how warmer temperatures affect old-growth trees.

The study was released that day in the journal Science. Trees have been dying faster than new ones can replace them for the last half-century, and the probable cause is a warmer regional climate and accompanying drought, the authors had written. The widespread coverage grew out of a teleconference organized on January 21 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which publishes Science.


Editorials Take on Early Obama Initiative

Opinion Pages Tackle ‘Peril, Progress’; Applaud, Reprimand, Fuel and Efficiency Directives

The extraordinary thing about editorials in American news media isn’t that they are inherently cunning or engaging. It’s that they treat mundane and complex issues alike with an unusual degree of disparity while presenting detailed arguments.

This is the case with a recent announcement by President Barack Obama as he maneuvered a sharp U-Turn from Bush Administration environmental policies in a closely watched case involving California and fuel economy standards.


What Lies Ahead as Mainstream Outlets Shrivel?

Potential Abounds, But Will They Deliver? New Media and Coverage of Environment

As the watchdog press splinters from an aged business model, the prospects for original reporting of climate change and environmental topics have seldom appeared more uncertain. Indeed, mainstream coverage of global climate change dwindled last year as newspapers filed for bankruptcy protection and curtailed or ceased publication in record numbers.


For Eco-Evangelicals, Questions About the Future

A progressive spirit burning for several years in American evangelical circles is prompting many in that religious community to take up activism on climate change.

A sign of the trend was recently on public display in Pastor Rick Warren’s invocation during President Obama’s inauguration.

“When we fail to treat our fellow human beings and all the Earth with the respect that they deserve, forgive us,” Warren asked in prayer.


Was It Editing ... or Misleading Splicing?

BBC ‘Newsnight’ Editing of Obama Inaugural Address Prompts Criticisms

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BBC ‘Newsnight’
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One of the proudest and most credible names in journalism, BBC, has found itself challenged on its questionable editing and splicing of President Obama’s science and climate change remarks during his inauguration on January 20.

The issue involves whether BBC’s self-described “montage” distorted the meaning of Obama’s references to elevating science and combating climate change by appearing to have him say something he never said.

At least not in so many words.


Scoping Out the Year Ahead: Change May be the One Certainty

The New Year has begun with a blast of arctic air freezing much of the country. The winter weather – and of course it’s weather and not climate – isn’t exactly the kind of motivation people need to think about the globe’s warming.


Climate Change Models: Understanding The Basics

With an incoming U.S. President vowing to seriously address climate change, and his cabinet filling with outspoken advocates for such action, the United States, its economy, and its approach to the climate issue are poised to change in profound ways.


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