Heretic, Dupe, Peacemaker Labels Provoke Rants over Judith Curry Profile

Georgia Tech’s Judith Curry … heretic, dupe, peacemaker? All? None?

When it comes to coverage of climate change, everyone’s a media critic.

Reporters covering environment know full-well that few other subjects generate as much fan mail — make that, hate mail – as global warming.

So it’s no surprise that a veteran science writer’s recent profile of Georgia Tech scientist Judith Curry elicited a fury of reactions, in particular, of course, across the blogosphere.


Surveying Americans' Attitudes on Climate Change

Yale Researcher Anthony Leiserowitz On Studying, Communicating with American Public

Many Americans care deeply about addressing climate change. Others question the underlying scientific evidence and/or various public policy mitigation and adaptation strategies. Some others, of course, view the issue as a conspiracy involving scientists and politicians sympathetic to ushering in a new world order. Still others know little or nothing about climate change.


SEJ’s ‘Changing West’ Annual Conference: Climate and Much More for 700-Plus Attendees

MISSOULA, MT.   A veritable feast of substantive field trips, plenary sessions, and concurrent sessions — coupled with some somewhat less substantive but enjoyable evening receptions, focused small-group lunch tables and dinner events, and a ski-lodge based closing dinner/reception — greeted some 700 registrants at the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) 20th annual conference in mid-October.


2020-2030 Disappearances Notwithstanding …

There’s More to Glacier National Park Than ‘Just’ its 25 Vanishing Glaciers

There’s more to Glacier National Park than its iconic name or the legendary glaciers that some mistakenly believe are its principal namesake.


Lubchenco Challenged on Release By White House of Gulf Spill Pie Chart

A riveting Friday afternoon plenary, “Lessons from the Gulf,” became most interesting during the question-and-answer period, when freelance journalist Joe Davis challenged National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Administrator Jane Lubchenco concerning a pie chart that had been used during an August 4th White House press briefing on developments in the BP Gulf of Mexico crisis.


Climate Change Back in Active Vocabulary For Glacier and Other National Park Officials

Climate change science will shape decisions at all of the national parks, National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis told journalists in two different events at the Society of Environmental Journalists conference in Missoula, Mt, October 14 and 15.


On Congressional Candidates' Climate Views

Science Magazine Reporter Drills Down For Chamber’s Position on Candidates

U.S. Chamber of Commerce representatives by now are used to some tough questioning when they confront a room full of journalists on issues related to climate change. So the Chamber’s Karen Harbert, head of the Chamber’s Institute for 21st Century Energy, doubtless was not surprised.


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