Climate Change Back in Active Vocabulary For Glacier and Other National Park Officials

Climate change science will shape decisions at all of the national parks, National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis told journalists in two different events at the Society of Environmental Journalists conference in Missoula, Mt, October 14 and 15.


On Congressional Candidates' Climate Views

Science Magazine Reporter Drills Down For Chamber’s Position on Candidates

U.S. Chamber of Commerce representatives by now are used to some tough questioning when they confront a room full of journalists on issues related to climate change. So the Chamber’s Karen Harbert, head of the Chamber’s Institute for 21st Century Energy, doubtless was not surprised.


Absorb 60 Years of Change in a Few Seconds

Alpinist’s ‘Extreme Ice’ Time-Lapse Photos
An Antidote to Those ‘Short Attention Spans’

Mountaineer uses time-lapse photography to communicate long-term point of view.


A Bus Tour, Fresh Air, Montana Mountains; Reporters Acting Human Through Their Bird Calls

Take a bunch of journalists out of the conference room and to a wildlife refuge in Montana surrounded by majestic mountains, and you can see them embracing their inner nature.


Random Soundbites from the SEJ Montana Conference Goings-on

Pointing to declining river flows throughout the American West, University of Montana scientists Steve Running, Director, Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group in the university’s Department of Ecosystem Sciences, reported on dwindling river flows between 1950 and 1970 and a 15 percent increase in average winter low temperatures in recent decades.


With Federal, Global Regs at Standstill … Courts Become Front Line on Climate Change

U.S. Supreme Court … in supreme position on climate.

Climate change litigation is in its infancy, but experts predict growth in number of battles fought within the legal system.

Seven years ago, the United States court system became involved with making decisions on climate change. Today, in the absence of federal legislation, courts more and more are expected to play a key role on greenhouse gas regulation and on issues arising from claims of liability linked to alleged climate-related damages.


Researchers Point to ‘Moral Obligation,’ ‘Good Citizens’ in Urging Scientists to ‘Speak Up’ on Policy

Scientists, speak up.

That’s the message from Michael Nelson, an associate professor of environmental ethics at Michigan State University and John Vucetich, assistant professor of wildlife ecology at Michigan Technological University.


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