Answers to Notable ... and Quotable

The correct sources of the quotations posted with this update:

1. "Our alternative is more American energy. We want to use all of the American sources of energy we have. We have tremendous amounts of American energy, more off-shore drilling, more drilling in Alaska, more opening up of shales and tar sands in other places for oil and gas." D. Republican Governor Hayley Barbour of Mississippi, speaking on CBS's "Meet the Press," June 28, 2009.
2. "On cap and trade, the House chairmen took a relatively clean though politically difficult idea - ... auctioning off pollution permits - and they transformed it into a morass of corporate giveaways that make the stimulus bill look parsimonious ....The bill passed the House, but would it actually reduce emissions? It's impossible to know. It contains so many complex market interventions that only a fantasist could confidently predict its effects." B. Columnist David Brooks in "Vince Lombardi Politics," The New York Times, June 30, 2009.
3. "To fully appreciate the irresponsibility and immorality of climate-change denial, you need to know about the grim turn taken by the latest climate research .... The fact is that the planet is changing faster than even pessimists expected: ice caps are shrinking, arid zones spreading, at a terrifying rate." A. Op-ed Columnist Paul Krugman in, "Betraying the Planet," The New York Times, June 28, 2009.
4. "It's such a breath of fresh air for the Obama administration to push for strong and aggressive policies that will flip the dynamic .... Good will is higher than ever. But that alone is not enough to make it happen. It's going to require some political alchemy." E. Hal Harvey, Chief Executive, Climate Works, quoted in The New York Times, July 8, 2009.
5. "There is much in the House cap-and-trade energy bill that just passed that I absolutely hate .... It is pathetic that we couldn't do better. It is appalling that so much had to be given away to polluters. It stinks. It's a mess. I detest it. Now let's get it passed in the Senate and make it law .... We want a bill that transforms the whole country not one that just threads a political needle." C. Op-Ed Columnist Thomas L. Friedman in "Just Do It," The New York Times, July 1, 2009.

July 9, 2009