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Coming Soon to a Theater near You: ‘Merchants of Doubt’. Looking at the upcoming ‘climate science denial’ film derived from science historian Naomi Oreske’s book with co-author Eric Conway. (2/26/15)


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Voices from Climate Scientists at AGU Annual Fall Meeting. Insights and impressions from a sampling of the scores of world-class scientists who participated in the December 2014 annual AGU meeting. (1/20/15)


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U.S./China ‘Game Changer’ Climate Agreement. The new agreement is opening new doorways for promising reductions in greenhouse gas emissions over the next two decades, changing the tone both domestically and internationally on climate issues. (12/15/14)


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South Florida and Sea Level Rise. Mounting challenges facing residents and property owners in south Florida as saltwater intrusion and rising sea level become increasingly problematic. (11/12/14)


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EVs: ‘Solutions have to be fun also’. Outlining a strong case for electric vehicles … and a bright future. (10/16/14)


Image from video Thousands of ‘Nameless Short-Lived Lakes’. Increasing in size and number, lakes dotting the Arctic ice sheet amount to ‘big solar collectors,’ leading to a continued acceleration of a loss of ice … and still more sea-level rise.(9/11/14)


Image from video Today’s Solar Power ‘Revolution’: Powerful Insights from Energy Experts. A powerful message on the ‘truly disruptive’ nature of solar energy technologies and the profound changes they portent for energy generation and individual customers … drawn from a range of respected energy experts. (6/29/14)


Image from video ‘Unstoppable’ Antarctic Glacial Melting. It’s not often that a scientific research paper generates the kind of media attention and scientific community buzz that resulted from a recent study on the apparent inevitability of substantial Antarctic glacial melting. (6/1/14)


Image from video David Victor: Views Examined on Climate Politics, Communications. Regular contributor Bruce Lieberman’s 20-minute webinar probes the views of author and Professor David Victor on building public support for risk management actions. (30onClimate: 5/16/14)


Image from video Maureen Raymo’s ‘Climate Symphony’. The climate community traditionally underestimates the rate of change in the climate system, Columbia University scientist cautions. She wonders where things will stand once everything ‘comes into equilibrium’ with our current Pliocene-era atmosphere. (4/8/14)


Image from video Scripps, NCAR Scientists Weigh in on Global CO2 Monitoring Efforts. Two leading atmospheric scientists on the importance of global CO2 data trends … and on funding challenges lying ahead. (30onClimate: 3/19/14)



Image from video California’s Record Drought and Meteorological ‘Three Rs’. Scientists detail the spectrum of possibilities explaining the current record drought facing much of California, with a caution about the “incredibly important” implications. (3/13/14)


Image from video Historic Storms, Flooding U.K. West Coast. Historic storms ripping through much of southwestern coast of the United Kingdom virtually since the start of 2014 suggest slim odds they occurred naturally. (2/24/14)



Image from video Abrupt Climate Change … Implications for People and for Businesses. University of Colorado Professor Jim White offers examples in the individual and corporate sectors of impacts that could be felt as a result of abrupt climate change. (2/18/14)


Image from video Expecting the Unexpected: Abrupt Climate Change. An issue that for years received only passing attention, even in many professional circles, abrupt climate change and potential impacts on at-risk ecosystems is getting more attention in the scientific sphere. (2/11/14)


IMAGE If There’s Global Warming … Why Is It So Cold?. The end of the January cold spell and heavy snows raise questions for some about the links between frigid weather and a warming Arctic. Hint: Look at the swooning Jet Stream. (1/28/2014)


Image from video The Challenges of Climate Change Communication. The second in the ongoing new “30onClimate” webinar series covers a wide range of issues from the differing, but complementary, perspectives of two leading voices on science communications. (30onClimate: 1/15/14)


Image from video Climate, Jetstream and Polar Vortex. Blanket 24/7 media coverage of the short but frigid “Polar Vortex” temperatures — climate change? global warming? — provides a cornucopia of material. (1/7/14)



Image from video 2014: The Year Ahead in Climate Change News. Four journalists’ perspectives on major climate issues anticipated in the 2014 new year. (30onClimate: 12/20/13)



Image from video Scientists’ Concerns Challenge Conservative Sea-Level Rise Projections. Explores scientific research raising questions about whether projections of sea-level rise in a warmer climate have been overly conservative. (12/5/13)


Image from video Mann and Rahmstorf on New IPCC Report. Climate scientists Michael Mann and Stefan Rahmstorf offer a concise description of key points made in the recently released IPCC Working Group I Fifth Assessment Report. (11/5/13)


Image from video No Slowdown in Global Warming. Slow-down in global surface temperature increases and flawed emphasis on land surface temperatures, at expense of ocean temperatures, is explored. They call it “global” warming for a reason. (9/3/13)


Image from video Greenland Ice Sheet ‘Starting to Slip’. Research scientists provide insights on recent “unprecedented” melting of Greenland’s interior ice sheet. (7/28/13)



Image from video Two Expert — and Diverging — Views on Arctic’s Impact on Weather ‘Whiplash’. Interviews with experts — Rutgers’ Jennifer Francis and Weather Underground’s Jeff Masters — explore the “Why?” of two years of mirror images of weather across North America. (6/18/13)


Image from video Climate, Ice and Weather Whiplash. Seven climate science experts help explain ice melt in Greenland and its implications for sea-level rise over remainder of the century. (6/1/13)



Image from video Greenland: A Ring of Mountains. Concerns about escape of CO2 and methane from Arctic permafrost revolve around whether, how much, and how fast emissions could be released. (4/17/13)



Image from video Hunters, Anglers and Climate Change. Unprecedented drought, wildfires, and extreme heat in 2012 are seen offering a hint of the kinds of summers that will be “commonplace” under business-as-usual energy practices. (3/26/13)



Image from video Permafrost: The Tipping Time Bomb. Climate 2013: Perspectives of 8 Scientists. Independent video producer Peter Sinclair captures the views of scientists representing some of the nation’s leading research institutions. (2/28/13)


Image from video Climate Outlook for 2013 with Jeff Masters and Others. Has Hurricane Sandy inaugurated a new age of climate fueled superstorms? Peter Sinclair interviews Hurricane Expert Dr. Kerry Emanuel of MIT, and Dr. Jason Box of the Byrd Polar Center. (1/22/13)


Climate 2013: Perspectives of 8 Scientists. Independent video producer Peter Sinclair captures the views of eight scientists representing some of the nation’s leading research institutions. (12/17/12)

Sandy and the Age of Superstorms. MIT atmospheric science professor Kerry Emanuel offers a concise “play-by-play” as Superstorm Sandy forms and heads for the New Jersey shoreline. (11/27/12)

Arctc versus Antarctic Sea Ice. Video essay refutes bogus comparisons suggesting that increased sea ice around Antarctica offsets sea ice declines in the Arctic, and examines why such an “apples and oranges” comparison is misleading. (11/3/12)

A New Climate State: Arctic Sea Ice 2012. Video explores the summer of 2012 record-low Arctic sea ice coverage and provides strong visuals showing the loss of older ice coverage. (9/24/12)

2012 Drought Update. A basketball metaphor illustrating changing stats pairs with analyses from a range of experts and independent commentaries capturing the stresses of the summer’s weather anomalies across the U.S. (7/30/12)

Yes, Virginia Sea Level Really Is Rising. Major sea level rise reports forecasting trouble ahead for much of California and the Atlantic seaboard, coupled with blistering heat records across much of the U.S. (7/9/12)

Margaret Thatcher, Others: Murderers, Tyrants, and Madmen. Peter Sinclair uses historical footage to debunk an assertion that the most well-known climate change “advocates” are … “murderers, tyrants, and madmen.” (5/14/12)

Weird Winter — Mad March (Pt. 2). Explores the climate change/weather relationship and points to important new research on a confounding climate change issue at a time of wave after wave of extreme weather events across America, Asia, and Europe. (4/16/12)

Michael Mann: The Hockey Stick and Climate Wars. The Hockey Stick and Climate Wars: Focuses on climate scientist Michael Mann … his first-hand view of his hockey stick and “climate wars” experiences. (3/6/12)

NASA Climate Science Expert Josh Willis. Jet Propulsion Lab climate scientist Josh Willis provides context for 2011′s small decline in sea-level rise. Bottom line: Drop not long-lived, and further sea-level rise inevitable. (2/1/12)

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