The June 2008 online issue of the International Journal of Sustainability Communication is devoted to communications on climate change.

Guest-edited by Ed Maibach of George Mason University, the issue invites reactions to the published research papers for consideration in final revisions to those works. The final works are to be published later this year.

Maibach, a professor in George Mason’s communications department and head of the Center for Climate Change Communication, acknowledged in a guest editorial that he was uncertain how many might care about the subject. “I’m somewhat alarmed by the relative lack of attention climate change is receiving in the communication research community. By my assessment, communication and marketing are potentially powerful tools for shaping population behavior and public policy responses, and are therefore important tools for societies as they attempt to respond to climate change.”

“What if we threw a party (i.e., issued a Call for Papers on climate change) and no one showed up?” he wondered. But he added that “many authors did show up for our party – more than we ever had anticipated.”

The online open access journal includes three research papers, a provocative open letter to the next President of the U.S., student papers, and a book review.

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