Another nail in the coffin for those hang-tight ink-in-the-veins journalism types who have become the digital age’s dinosaurs.

One of newspapering’s longest-standing professional organizations is about to drop the “paper” from its name so it can henceforth be known as the American Society of News[paper] Editors, more specifically including online-only news types and educators. The group’s board of directors is unanimously recommending the change, for consideration next April in Chicago at the still-ASNE annual meeting.

“It is time for ASNE to recognize in its name and its membership that we are way beyond print-only newspapers,” ASNE President Charlotte Hall told members in a December 16 e-mail.

Not to be taken necessarily as bad news, one might add, given the way things have been going at many troubled newspapers: At least they’re considering dropping the term “paper” and not “news.”

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