The 2009 installment in the Washington-based Worldwatch Institute’s annual “State of the World” book series is entirely devoted to climate change, offering “a range of informed perspectives on pathways for adapting to a warming world while avoiding catastrophic consequences.”

With that theme, the book provides a useful, updated reference for reporters and others on a wide variety of climate-related topics.

In addition to being published in traditional form by W.W. Norton in January, the book’s contents (minus endnotes) are also available as free downloads at the Worldwatch website.

Major chapters by Worldwatch staff members and others feature such titles as “A Safe Landing for the Climate,” “Farming and Land Use to Cool the Planet,” “Building Resilience,” and “Sealing the Deal to Save the Climate.”

In addition, 47 other authors contributed 22 shorter essays under the “Climate Connections” heading. They address topics such as “The Risks of Other Greenhouse Gases,” “The Role of Cities in Climate Change,” “Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy Potential,” and “Employment in a Low-Carbon World.”

An illustrated “Climate Change Reference Guide and Glossary” section appears after the final chapter in the book and is also available to download.

Worldwatch, founded in 1974, describes its mission as to provide “insights and ideas that empower decision makers to create an environmentally sustainable society that meets human needs.”

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