One observation often made about – and most often made by – environmentalists and journalists: They tend to take themselves pretty seriously.

Sometimes maybe even too seriously.

If there’s a case there to be made, then it might hold too that environmental journalists in particular would occasionally take themselves too seriously. You know, with all that end-of-the-world, vanishing-species, disappearing sea life and vistas, end-of-civilization coverage. Maybe it can get to them.

Not in this case. Take the well-worthwhile two minutes and 15 seconds to enjoy a “Buy One Anyway” video encouraging purchase of a newspaper “even though no one wants to read them any more.”

You can laugh right along with the pink-slipped and down-sized journalists “in a dying industry” … all the way to the poor house.

It helps to laugh at ourselves. It helps. Read it and laugh … and then weep.

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