Two large nonprofit interests are teaming up to put the spotlight on climate policy transparency, accountability, and lobbying efforts in the U.S.

Transparency and accountability on climate change issues will take center stage at an upcoming Washington, D.C., meeting sponsored by the World Resources Institute and the Berlin-based Transparency International, which says it seeks to eliminate forces of corruption globally.

A scheduled November 3 panel discussion with representatives from the two organizations and from the Huffington Post is to be built on Transparency International’s “Global Corruption Report: Climate Change,” available online as a PDF.

With a focus on activities in the U.S., panelists on the agenda are to address issues such as:

  • How lobbying influences the U.S. policy debate;
  • How civil society can contribute to advancing the debate on lobbying in the U.S.; and
  • How greenhouse gas reduction pledges square with policy implementation, and how civil societies can track activities in this area.

Online registration for the scheduled 4-5:30 p.m. Eastern Time panel discussion is available until Friday, October 28. Plans are in the works to see if the panel discussion will also be available remotely. For information, contact Lesly Baesens at or at 202-729-7900.

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