The science, the words, and the nuances of climate change come together in a refreshing musical presentation by a Washington state musician and producer and director of ‘Symphony of Science.’

Musician and producer John D. Boswell, the Washington state resident behind the “Symphony of Science” project, has released a climate-focused musical video entitled “Our Biggest Challenge” capturing the messages of leading scientists and telling the climate science story in a uniquely pleasant and rewarding way.

Boswell describes the purpose of his project is to “bring scientific knowledge and philosophy to the public in a novel way, through the medium of music.

“Science and music are two passions of mine that I am able to combine, in a way that is intended to bring a meaningful message to listeners, while simultaneously providing an enjoyable musical experience.”

Some of Boswell’s 15 science-music-based videos have drawn millions of Youtube viewers.

In his new three-minute and forty-nine-second “Our Biggest Challenge” piece released September 13, he pieces together pithy quotations and visuals involving Penn State climatologist Richard Alley, biochemist and science author Isaac Asimov, British natural history film maker David Attenborough, and public television personality Bill Nye, “the Science Guy.”

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