Poking fun at the non-newsiness of so many press releases announcing new whatevers, Post Carbon Institute seeks to gather some ink through a satirical headline.

Reporters often get criticized, and rightly so, for simply picking-up the content of a press release and publishing it as “news.”

That’s frowned upon in polite circles.

But sometimes the headline is so delicious that one could only do journalistic disservice by doing anything other than simply parroting it … word for word. To wit:

“Obscure Expert Joins Little Known Think Tank to Battle Issues Most Prefer to Ignore.”

The gem in this case comes from a Santa Rosa, Ca.-based organization known as the Post Carbon Institute. It was announcing the naming of┬áPaul Gilding, an Australian writer and activist and former CEO of Greenpeace International, as a “Climate & Business Fellow.”

The Post Carbon release goes on to tout Gilding’s 35 years of “trying to change the world for the better,” labeling him an “unstoppable optimist” in his missionary zeal for informing audiences about the risks of climate change.

And as for that headline? It’s a sure way to attract attention, perhaps even some news coverage, for a release that otherwise would have landed with just a thud.

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