AGU offers a vast array of technical and nontechnical sessions … more than enough for any climate-curious attendee.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Dec. 3, 2012 — An interesting aspect of the fall AGU meeting is this: It is entirely possible to spend the full five days and never experience the polysyllabic technicalese in which the first test is whether one even understands the title of a presentation. Let alone the details of the presentations themselves.

At the same time, the extraordinary scope of the AGU menu allows one to dabble solely in the polysyllabic feast. To never deign at all to what some might consider, dismissively, the monosyllabic.

One can easily spend the better part of his or her initial AGU meeting understanding the vast agenda. Fortunately, there are some shortcuts, not fool-proof, but helpful. For those interested in the communication of climate science, for instance, exploring the “Education” and “Public Affairs” threads will be fertile ground. Many of these, not all, are conveniently located in Moscone South.

For the more technically inclined and those wanting updates on recent science, the nearby Moscone West is often the treasure trove. “Atmospheric Science,” “Biogeosciences,” “Cryosphere,” and “Global Environmental Change” are among your preferred home fields.

An interesting thought: Crossing the street between the two halls, those most technically trained dipping their toes into the social science issues. And vice versa.

One thing for sure: There is more than enough to go around.

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