Fun and in some places a bit profane, a five-minute YouTube video provides entertaining and strongly held views on climate change and difficulties resulting in part from media misrepresentations.

A fast-paced (too fast-paced?) five-minute video by Washington Monthly magazine staffer Ryan L. Cooper paints climate change as a political issue severely handicapped in part because media usually “cast [it] as a niche issue for a small interest group” rather than as the “existential threat” he thinks it is.

“Hardly anyone seems to grasp the gravity of the situation,” he says. At one point, he criticizes mainstream TV network political talk-shows for spending what he says was only eight minutes, combined, on climate change in the run-up to the 2012 presidential election. He says the two leading candidates similarly ignored the issue during their presidential campaigns.

It’s “simply not right” to describe climate change as an “environmentalist issue,” Cooper argues. In a sometimes profane and often humorous five minutes, he speaks at one point of the caricature that “druids” are fighting to conserve Redwood forests while “dudes in flannel” prefer to grind the trees “into sawdust for breakfast cereal.” The climate issue is “too big to fit into environmentalism,” he rants.

Some viewers may be offended by some of the language and graphics Cooper uses in the video, while others may find some fault with it on more technical grounds. But most nonetheless will likely enjoy the biting commentary, fast talk, humor, and visuals. (Hat-tip to David Roberts of for calling attention to the Cooper video.)

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