Employees of Boston Properties, a real estate trust company in Massachusetts, now park their cars under a giant solar canopy. Covering the company’s 60,000 square foot parking garage, the solar array is expected to produce more than one million kilowatt-hours of clean electricity each year.


RICHTER: “You’re taking what once was an asset that wasn’t particularly attractive — a big concrete parking lot — and made it a small power plant that now powers the building that it’s attached to.”

That’s Mike Richter of Healthy Planet Partners, the finance company behind this — and another solar installation at the spring training facility of the Seattle Mariners. He points to solar and wind energy as climate solutions already within reach:

RICHTER: “There’s a lot of off-the-shelf technologies that we don’t have deployed right now at scale, and that could be a huge, huge solve for a lot of our problems. The biggest hurdle is not the technology — it’s acquiring the money up front to put it on your building.”

So Richter’s company fills the gap. They finance, operate, and maintain on-site solar and wind systems — in effect becoming a mini clean power utility. Richter says once the technology is deployed, his clients are able to reduce both their carbon pollution and their electric bills.

Reporting credits: ChavoBart Digital Media.
Photo: Aerial view of Boston Properties solar garage (source: SolarServer.com or Copyright protected.

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