When the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy released its 2014 rankings for state efficiency, the states at the top of the list were Massachusetts and California.

But state policy research analyst, Annie Gilleo, says the rankings are not just about first, second, or even third place. Take the state that ranked number 31:

Gilleo: “One of our most improved states is Arkansas. They were the first state in the southeast to adopt an energy efficiency resource standard, which is like a renewable portfolio standard for energy efficiency. And utilities in Arkansas are now at the point where their efficiency programs are beginning to mature. We’ve seen energy savings in Arkansas more than triple over the past few years, and its really setting a great example for other up-and-comers in the southeast, like Louisiana and Mississippi.”

Wisconsin, the District of Columbia, and Kentucky were also among the most improved. Gilleo says the scorecard helps states and their residents understand how they compare to others, and encourages them to waste less energy.

Gilleo: “There are a lot of benefits to energy efficiency and leading states are really realizing those.”

Benefits include economic growth, cheaper energy bills, and a cleaner environment.


Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.
Photos source: American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (see below).

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