Seeing big financial opportunities and an urgent need, many investors are now funding projects that combat climate change or promote environmental sustainability.

PhotoMany are buying “green bonds” which provide financing for clean energy and transportation, high efficiency buildings, and other carbon-cutting projects by governments, utilities and companies.

In 2012, three billion dollars in green bonds were sold; just two years later the market had grown to 36 billion. But even this dramatic growth is tiny compared to what’s coming, according to Sean Kidney of the Climate Bonds Initiative.

KIDNEY: “At the UN Climate Summit in September, we had $24 trillion worth of investors who were saying climate was incredibly important, and they stood ready to invest. And then we had another bunch of investors from the insurance industry, $19 trillion represented there, who said they were going to multiply their climate investments tenfold by 2020. I mean that’s amazing.”

Kidney says that booming investor interest in green bonds is promising, but given the limited time left to avoid the most serious impacts of global warming, we must work quickly to convert these dollars into deliverables.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.
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