More and more Americans are thinking about home solar. But for many, the cost of installing solar panels has been too high.

051115_solarroof_300So, just as neighbors might go in together on a large volume purchase of, say, garden mulch to get the cost down, some communities in Massachusetts are now bulk buying home solar energy systems.

FINNERAN: “Essentially, it’s like a Groupon for solar.”

That’s Catherine Finneran of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, which runs the “Solarize Mass” program. Finneran explains that the program is providing more business for local solar companies and savings for homeowners. The prices go down as more people in a community sign up, potentially cutting costs by up to 33 percent.

These grassroots efforts pay off – not just in savings on solar arrays, but also by greatly increasing the number of homes using renewable energy.

Since two thousand eleven, the Solarize Mass program has helped more than 2,400 residents and business owners install solar panels.

FINNERAN: “Almost every community that has participated in this program has doubled their residential solar projects.”

Solarize mass is now attracting the interest of other states which are also trying to make it easier for homeowners to make the switch to solar.

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