After installing low-energy snow makers, electric-vehicle charging stations, and an energy-efficient heating system, Maine’s Mount Abram Ski Area is leading the industry on sustainability. The resort’s latest effort is an 803 panel solar array that is expected to generate enough electricity to offset 70 percent of the ski area’s needs.

Mt Abram Ski Area logo

SCANLAN: “We had a lot of buzz created last fall as we connected it up and people arrived for the season to see those solar panels sitting out in the back parking lot.”

That’s General Manager Dave Scanlan. The excitement about the panels reinforced his belief that eco-friendly initiatives attract a certain clientele – one that is emerging as an important segment of the consumer market.

SCANLAN: “And those are people that are choosing their purchases based on environmental footprint and sustainability practices.”

So to keep their green business practices front and center, Mount Abram uploads real-time performance data from the solar array on the resort’s website and displays a sample solar panel in the lodge.

SCANLAN: “Not only is it attractive to our customer base that we want to come to the mountain, but it also makes business sense as well.”

Mt Abram Ski Area's solar array

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media/Aren Zolninger.
Photo: Mt. Abram Ski Area’s solar array (source: Facebook announcement).

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