Fossil fuels may soon need to compete with a much greener source of energy . . . biodiesel made from algae.

You might think of algae only as green slime, but there are thousands of species – including some that grow so fast they double in mass within hours . . . an attractive feature for biofuel production.
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And through photosynthesis, algae remove climate-warming carbon dioxide from the air as they grow!

While algal biofuel is not yet cost-competitive, the Department of Energy hopes to get the price below $5 a gallon within the next four years.

Meenakshi Bhattacharjee of the Center for Applied Algal Research at Rice University believes that’s doable.

BHATTACHARJEE: “Algae can have a lot of good uses, and that can be exploited to make the whole algal biodiesel production very economical.”

For example, after the algae is used to produce biodiesel, the leftover biomass can be used as fertilizer.

Algae can also be grown in and help clean wastewater. They purify the water as they use the dissolved nutrients to grow.

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Algae can even be used to absorb the carbon dioxide emitted from factories – keeping it out of the atmosphere.

So by optimizing algae’s many benefits, Bhattacharjee believes scientists can make algal biofuel cost-competitive and widely used within ten years.

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