How ready is your state to face the climate change challenges on the horizon? One organization has issued report cards on climate preparedness for all 50 states, and performance varies wildly.

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Climate Central assigned a letter grade to each state based on three criteria: assessing the threats, forming plans, and implementing those plans. The highest grades went to California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New York, which are already taking action.

Richard Wiles, senior vice president of Climate Central, says the lowest grades went to states that face the biggest risks, but have not even analyzed them yet.

WILES: “The states that did really poorly could take some very simple steps to improve. Even a basic assessment of the threat would be a step forward for some of these states.”

Richard Whiles
Climate Central’s Richard Wiles

Texas, for example, will face increased heat, fires, and drought in the coming years, but state lawmakers have yet to even acknowledge that climate change poses a threat.

Florida has taken some steps to deal with the looming sea level rise that makes it a particularly vulnerable state, but Wiles says it has much more to do.

WILES: “If you’ve got an extreme level of threat, you’ve got to engage in an extreme level of preparedness, and they have not done that.”

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If states cannot pass the climate test, there will be much more at stake than just a low grade.

Reporting credit: Andrew Lapin/ChavoBart Digital Media.

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