The stereotype is that the switch to clean energy is driven by political progressives, but wind energy is booming in conservative states like Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Wind turbine

Texas produces more wind-generated electricity than any other state. And Oklahoma and Kansas aren’t too far behind. That’s not a coincidence.

Goggin: “Some of the best wind resources in the country happen to be in the interior region – this kind of belt going from Texas up through the Dakotas.”

That’s Michael Goggin of the American Wind Energy Association. He says many of these states have another common characteristic that makes wind popular – they tend to have competitive electricity markets.

Michael Goggin
Michael Goggin

Goggin: “Now that wind is competitive on price alone it is doing quite well in the free market.”

And whereas coal or natural gas prices tend to fluctuate, the price of wind can be locked in, making it even more attractive.

Goggin: “That fits quite well with the mentality in a conservative state that you want a risk-averse portfolio for your energy and you also want to benefit consumers. I think wind energy is winning over a lot of support based on those merits.”

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So with falling prices and bipartisan support, the winds are favorable for this source of clean energy in the Great Plains.

Reporting credit: Pam Memmott/ChavoBart Digital Media.
Wind turbine photo: Copyright protected.

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