National security and renewable energy are linked. By switching to clean energy, the Department of Defense is improving the nation’s energy security and reducing the roughly $4 billion spent to power military installations each year.

Air Force wind turbine

Jung: “It allows us to save money and frees up funds for mission requirements. So in the end it’s contributing to mission assurance.”

That’s Lisa Jung, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for installation energy. She says that in 2012, the DoD made a commitment to dramatically reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.

Jung: “We must produce or procure 25 percent of the total facility electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2025.”

Lisa Jung
Lisa Jung

Achieving this goal will require a variety of renewable energy projects. For example, a solar farm at Ft. Stewart in Georgia, wind turbines at Cape Cod Air Force Station, and a number of biomass and geothermal projects.

The responsibility is spread across the military. The DoD has tasked the Army, Navy, and Air Force with producing one gigawatt of renewable energy each.

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It’s a major investment in clean energy from the DoD, our country’s largest energy consumer. And the change will be good for the planet and national security.

Reporting credit: Peter Bresnan/ChavoBart Digital Media.

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