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One of the oldest and largest black churches in America has taken a stand against climate change.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church, or AME, has 7,000 congregations and two and a half million members.

Jacqueline Dupont-Walker
Jacqueline Dupont-Walker

Jacqueline Dupont-Walker, co-author of the AME’s resolution on climate change, says members of their congregations around the world are already affected … for example, by droughts and floods in Zimbabwe, warm temperatures in Alaska, and flooding in Louisiana.

Dupont-Walker: “We generally provide ministry in communities that are extremely diverse, but people also have a challenge of not having wealth. So if someone is going to pay attention to the issue of climate change for the communities where we serve, we believe we are called to do this.”

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So, the church is calling on its congregations to integrate climate change into its teachings – for adults and children. The resolution also asks them to reduce global warming pollution, and to make the issue part of daily conversation.

Dupont-Walker: “And we will be actively engaged in trying to impact policy at the local level and at every level of government.”

… becoming a voice for communities worldwide that are affected by climate change.

Reporting credit: Analeah Rosen/ChavoBart Digital Media.
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