Bryce Madder

Twelve-year-old Bryce Madder is out to save polar bears – by using art to teach kids about global warming’s impacts on the Arctic. He was inspired to take action after learning about climate change in school in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Madder: “I went home, Googled it and found out, like, all this tons and tons of information, and that’s what inspired me to create Polar Army.”

Polar Army is Bryce’s nonprofit. It features a website where kids can upload climate-related artwork and learn how to cut emissions. He also gives talks to inspire other kids at schools, churches, and fairs across western Michigan.

Madder: “A lot of kids at the end of the presentation raise their hand and say, ‘How can I do what you’re doing?'”

Bryce’s plans for Polar Army include developing a curriculum and a youth ambassadors program to expand awareness. He says action is needed now because climate change is so urgent.

'This is something not, like, happening, like, 50 years from now, it's happening right now.' Click To Tweet

Madder: “This is something not, like, happening, like, 50 years from now, it’s happening right now and we need to do something to help save the polar bears.”

He may soon get to see those polar bears in person. His family plans to visit northern Canada next year – a trip that will likely reinforce his commitment to climate action.

Reporting credit: Daisy Simmons/ChavoBart Digital Media.
Image graphic: Created by David McCarthy.

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