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Phoenix, Arizona, is known for being hot and dry. On average, the city reaches 100 degrees more than 90 times each year. But soon, it will be a lot easier to find relief from the heat.

Phoenix has an ambitious plan to provide shade over more than a quarter of the city by the year 2030. The project involves planting trees that thrive in the desert and installing man-made shade structures.

According to Richard Adkins, forestry supervisor at the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, cooling down the city is not the project’s only purpose.

Adkins: “The city wants to demonstrate to the public the value and the important role that trees play in our overall development.”

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For example, planting trees in Phoenix will improve air quality. And the trees will absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. More shade saves people money by reducing the need for air conditioning. And trees have been found to promote mental well-being and a stronger sense of community. Having more trees just makes people happier.

So by increasing shade, Phoenix aims to become more livable and prosperous.

Adkins: “Trees are a vibrant part of any community, and not just as a part of infrastructure but for the health of the citizens.”

Reporting credit: Peter Bresnan/ChavoBart Digital Media.
Image graphic: Created by David McCarthy.

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