Gotham Greens greenhouse
Courtesy of Gotham Greens.

When you think of farming, you may picture vast fields of corn or wheat. But commercial farming is now happening in cities, too. For example, Gotham Greens – a New York-based company – recently opened a two-acre greenhouse on the south side of Chicago.

Finding space to farm in cities is tough. So Gotham Greens constructs its greenhouses on the top of buildings. The one in Chicago sits atop a soap factory and is now the world’s largest rooftop farm.

Puri: “That greenhouse grows nearly ten million heads of pesticide-free leafy greens annually, using 100 percent renewable electricity and 100 percent recycled irrigation water.”

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That’s CEO, Viraj Puri. He says growing food this way uses 25 percent less energy than conventional techniques. Some of the efficiency comes from the carefully controlled environment.

Puri: “These are very coddled plants and as a result the plants are able to grow very quickly, very efficiently, and we can grow year-round.”

And because the greens are sold locally, there are fewer emissions from trucking and less food waste from spoilage. It’s part of a growing trend to provide more people with fresh, climate-friendly food.

Reporting credit: Andrew Lapin/ChavoBart Digital Media.

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