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Harris: “Given the increasing imprint of climate change on our lives in recent years, we all are eyewitnesses and we all have a story to tell.”

That’s Jothsna Harris, public engagement manager at Climate Generation, a Minnesota-based nonprofit.

Harris: “And what we’ve found is that in order for people to take action on climate change, they actually need to feel this kind of personal connection to the issue.”

So Climate Generation encourages people to consider how global warming has affected them, and to share their stories online.

For example, one woman recalls playing pond hockey as a kid, and how the ice quality has changed over the years as a result of more frequent thaws. Another person recalls how turtles and snakes were stranded in her backyard after a flash flood. Still others share memories of fishing or hiking that instilled their love of nature and their desire to protect it.

These stories remind people that climate change is not an abstraction described only by numbers and charts. It is something that touches us in concrete, personal ways.

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Harris: “Our stories are a powerful way to connect the head and the heart.”

Harris says when we connect to climate change on an intellectual and emotional level, we feel more empowered and motivated to act.

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media.

Katie Siegner is communications coordinator for Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy, in Minneapolis.

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