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Ferorelli: “There’s a huge taboo around saying how important climate change is and saying what our fears are and what our hopes are.”

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That’s Josephine Ferorelli, co-founder of Conceivable Future. The organization sponsors house parties where people talk about how climate change influences their thoughts about family and having children.

Ferorelli: “We’ve had people testify about how much they’re fighting for their own children; they testify sometimes about how they’re undecided about whether or not to have children because of climate; or maybe they’ve decided not to have children.”

Ferorelli: “These are heartfelt statements about the importance of climate in our lives.”

Ferorelli says talking about the issues empowers participants to take climate action.

She also wants decision makers to hear these stories. So she encourages people to submit their thoughts on the Conceivable Future website.

Ferorelli: “We’re trying to put them in front of viewers who need to hear these stories – so that’s decision makers, that’s our community members, people who need to hear – that climate is a huge concern for their constituents.”

By centering the conversation on family, conceivable future provides a new – and personal – perspective on climate change.

Reporting credit: Pam Memmott/ChavoBart Digital Media.

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