Lexi duPont

For professional skier Lexi duPont, there’s nothing like the swish of skis against packed powder.

duPont travels around the world to ski. Over the years, she’s noticed changing snow patterns and more erratic weather, which is expected to increase as the climate warms.

For example, in Alaska, she’s seen disappearing glaciers.

duPont: “You just get these big crevasses and they open up more and more each year.”

Last year, duPont traveled with other volunteers to Kyrgyzstan to teach a local community how to ski. She was told to pack for extremely cold, sub-zero weather. But instead, temperatures hovered around eighty degrees Fahrenheit.

duPont: “When we arrived, it was the warmest season they had ever recorded. All of the snow in town melted and we were wearing t-shirts and flip flops the majority of the time.”

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But the unexpected weather she sees is not always a lack of snow. duPont’s hometown of Sun Valley, Idaho, usually gets around nine feet of snow a year. But this past winter, Sun Valley got more than 25 feet.

duPont shares her experiences by speaking out and blogging. As someone who has seen these changes first-hand, she feels a responsibility to warn others about climate change.

Reporting credit: Rosie Simon/ChavoBart Digital Media.
Image graphic: Created by David McCarthy. Photo provided courtesy of Lexi duPont.

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