Mothers Out Front at a rally in MA
Scene from a “Jobs, Justice, Climate” rally held in Massachusetts (photo courtesy of Michele Gielis, Mothers Out Front).

Ganahl: “I had a nagging concern about climate change for many years, but I didn’t think there was much I could do about it.”

Robin Ganahl says she ignored the issue until the day she read an article that made her realize climate change was going to have a devastating impact on her children’s future. So she started looking for ways to make a difference.

Ganahl: “I realized that taking action at home to reduce our carbon footprint was not going to be enough and that we really need to make changes at the community, state, and federal level to actually make it easier for families to make better choices.”

Ganahl joined Mothers Out Front, the nonprofit advocates for the transition to clean energy.

Ganahl helps spread the word. She organizes house parties where mothers drink wine and talk about their concerns. She also encourages face-to-face conversations about climate change with members of neighborhood councils, P.T.A.s, and schools.

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She says taking action is vital for her children’s future.

Ganahl: “Our kids really need us to right now step up and be their heroes and speak up for them and hold our leaders accountable. Because if we don’t who will?”

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