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In a recent video campaign, six cartoon bobblehead figures of NBA and WNBA all-stars like Jason Collins, Dikembe Mutombo, and Swin Cash call timeout in a street pickup game. While they dribble and spin the ball, they talk about saving energy at home.

Jason Collins: “I save money by unplugging electronics when they’re not being used.”

Dikembe Mutombo: “I block drafts by weatherproofing windows and doors.”

Swin Cash: “I’ll pass on energy-wasting lightbulbs and switch to more efficient ones.”

It’s part of the NBA Green Energy All-Star Campaign, which shares easy energy-saving tips with the NBA’s massive fan-base.

Sara Espinoza of the National Environmental Education Foundation helped put the campaign together.

Espinoza: “People often feel that acting for the environment takes too much time, it’s too costly.”

She hopes the simple tips in the video show people otherwise.

Espinoza: “Really the biggest thing we wanted to communicate to fans is that small actions add up.”

Espinoza: “You unplugging electronics when not in use – along with all of these other NBA fans – actually has a really big collective impact.”

In other words, saving energy is like a basketball game. Every score adds up.

Reporting credit: Mark Knapp/ChavoBart Digital Media.
Photo: Courtesy of NEEF/NBA.

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