Jalynn Webb
Jalynn Webb: ‘You are the solution in your community. You can be a change for the better.’

A young activist says people need to wake up about climate change.

Webb: “Their everyday lives will no longer be the same if they keep on pressing that snooze button.”

That’s college student Jalynn Webb. She says her awakening came in the summer before high school. She was invited to join the Faith in Place Eco-Ambassadors Program, along with other students from faith communities around Chicago.

For the next four years, she spent the summers learning about climate change, energy, water conservation, and sustainable land use. Classwork was paired with activities like installing rain barrels, cleaning up beaches, and working on urban farms. Webb also got a taste of advocacy: going to the Illinois statehouse to demand clean air and clean energy jobs.

Going to the Illinois statehouse 'was an impactful moment for me.' Click To Tweet

Webb: “That was an impactful moment for me.”

Now, Webb is a freshman at Cornell College in Iowa. She plans to study environmental science and politics and continue her environmental activism. It’s a path she never would have considered before working as an eco-ambassador. But the program taught her that everyone has the power to effect change.

Webb: “You are the solution in your community. You can be a change for the better.”

Reporting credit: Jill Gorey/ChavoBart Digital Media.
Photo: Courtesy of Jalynn Webb.

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