Geothermal concept

Whether it’s a frosty January morning or a steamy August afternoon, the temperature several feet underground stays relatively constant. Geothermal energy systems draw on this constant temperature to efficiently heat and cool buildings.

But Katie Ullmann, with the new company Dandelion, says an average residential geothermal system costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Ullmann: “That’s a lot of cash to shell out. Most homeowners can’t do that.”

So Dandelion negotiated reduced rates on the interior heating pump and other materials. It also uses a new drilling method.

Ullmann: “It’s geothermal-specific so there’s less wasted time involved and mess involved, which cuts down on the labor, and the cost for drilling.”

To bring costs down further, Dandelion began its roll-out in New York, where customers can take advantage of a state rebate. And it offers third party financing that does not require a down payment.

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As Dandelion and other companies implement new technology and provide attractive financing, geothermal systems are becoming a cheaper option for people who want an earth-friendly way to heat and cool their homes.

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media.

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