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Photo: Courtesy of Heirs to Our Oceans.

Members of a California nonprofit have big plans to protect our oceans – and they’re not even old enough to vote.

Garewal: “We’re a group of middle-to-high schoolers, ages nine to 17, who are making a global movement about the problems facing our oceans and specifically how they affect my generation.”

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That’s 14 year-old Kiran Garewal of Heirs to Our Oceans. The organization was established by middle-schoolers who wanted to educate themselves and others about ocean protection. Each member focuses on a different topic, such as plastic pollution, ocean acidification or, in Garewal’s case, climate change.

He created a webpage to share information about the impacts of ocean warming, including coral bleaching, species migration, and sea-level rise. He has also given presentations at schools. Now, he and other members of the group are working on a film.

Garewal says that if more young people understand the threats to oceans and the solutions, they will be inspired to take action, whether by reducing their carbon emissions at home or lobbying elected officials.

Garewal: “There are solutions and there are things we can do, and Heirs to Our Oceans is trying to empower youth to act on the problems while we still can.”

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.

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