Devi Lockwood

From the banks of the Mississippi River to the tiny Pacific Island nation of Tuvalu, poet and storyteller Devi Lockwood has been searching for stories.

Lockwood: “For almost four years now, I’ve been traveling in 16 countries, on a mission to record 1,001 stories from people I meet about water and climate change.”

Some of the stories are from activists, politicians, and scientists. But many are from people facing climate change impacts such as extreme weather and drought in their everyday lives.

Lockwood: “I think we have to take the time to listen to the voices of those who are the most impacted, especially women and people of color.”

Lockwood: “One story that sticks with me is from a woman named Angelina in Tuvalu, who during the last big drought in 2013 had to make a choice between using the rationed water she was allocated for drinking or for bathing her newborn child.”

So far, Lockwood has recorded more than 600 stories as part of the 1,001 project. This year, she plans to start sharing them on a podcast, and on an interactive website.

Lockwood: “I believe that human stories can facilitate and inspire the kind of climate action that transcends borders.”

Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media.
Image graphic: Created by David McCarthy. Photo: Courtesy of Devi Lockwood.

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